I found my camera!


Now that I’ve found my camera, I can post the photos from the past couple of weeks.  Enjoy!

Here are a few photos from our EQAO celebration.  I’m so proud of everyone for the dedication, determination and hard work this year.  Check out Photos of Students In Action for more pictures.


A day in the life of a pioneer.


We couldn’t have asked for a better day on Tuesday when we visited the pioneer village at Westfield.  The weather was beautiful and we got to explore all different kinds of buildings like the Inn, the General Store, a barn, the blacksmith’s workshop, the church and more!  Take a look at Photos of Students in Action to see photos like these:

20140610_105440 20140610_121448  20140610_121726


DreamBox accounts offered to all Munn’s students…


DreamBox is an online program with math games that are individualized to your child’s current level of achievement in mathematics.  Accounts are free for Munn’s students until October 2014.  This is a great program to use over the summer.  We will log-in at school this week to set up our passwords.  This is an optional at-home program designed to give students extra support in math outside of school.  To get to the log-in page CLICK HERE.  I will also post this link under the Math section on my Helpfull links page.

Visual Arts


The students created beautiful landscapes using chalk pastels to create the illusion of depth in the pictures.  Our learning goal was to demonstrate an understanding of foreground, middleground and background.



More photos of our learning this week are posted under Photos of Students in Action.

The latest EQAO practice question has been posted under EQAO.  Don’t forget to compare your child’s answer the the Solution provided (10 = Level 1 answer, 20 = Level 2 answer, 30 = Level 3 answer and 40 = Level 4 answer).  Details are provided at the bottom of each page to further explain the level.



This week’s photos include pictures of students writing their persuasive letters to Ms. Thompson, our math coach session with Mr. Johnston, Ms. Peverini’s Les Elephant Tribe and Oakville’s clean sweep project. You can find these photos on the “Photos of Students in Action” page.

Don’t forget to try the new EQAO question posted on the “EQAO” page.

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