As an introduction to our new social studies unit, students created a timeline of important events that occurred in the past 200 years which lead to our guiding question for this unit: What was life like before Canada became a country?  This activity led to many great questions which we will investigate over the next few months.

February Homework Calendar/Math unit update


February Homework Calendar is now posted under “Notes To Parents”

We are currently wrapping up our 2D geometry unit, and will move on to “time” (calendar, analogue clocks, digital clocks).  There will not be a unit test for geometry. Please practice telling time at home with your child (to the nearest 5 minutes).  Use language such as “quarter past, half past, quarter to, o’clock.” There are links to Telling Time games posted under “Helpful Links”. Thank you.

January newsletter & homework calendar



Hard copies of the January newsletter and homework calendar were sent home this week.  You can also access them online under “Notes to Parents”.

Please encourage you child to regularly use DreamBox at home.  It’s a great tool to help practice a range of math concepts, as it adapts to meet the needs of the learner.  Plus, students enjoy using it due to the fun games, cool graphics and built in incentive program.