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Our current unit of study is Data Management, which is the collection and organization of data.  Data and graphs are all around us (in advertising, polls, newspapers, financials, etc.). In this unit, children will learn to collect data, graph it, and interpret it.  We will focus on pictographs and bar graphs.

Activities to do at home:

-write a question, survey family and extended-family,  graph the results

-sort a collection of objects (e.g., lego, hair accessories, coins, etc.), create a tally chart, then create a pictograph or bar graph

-use graphing websites to create online graphs Click here for one example


First Day of School


I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on Tuesday for a great first day of school.  Parents, please use this website to stay up to date this year.  Under Notes For Parents you will see the September newsletter and homework calendar.  A hard copy will be sent home on Tuesday as well.  I will periodically post photos of day to day activities. Here’s to a great year! :) Ms. P.first day